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Berg Bites Wins Big @ The GWU New Venture Competition

Berg Bites Wins Big @ the GWU New Venture Competition

“The evening saw other winners as well — like Union Kitchen-based food startup Berg Bites, which won second place and the best undergraduate award for its healthy snacks. Read more about who won what, and how the evening went down, in GW Today.” – Technically DC

“Daniel Berg, a junior majoring in health and wellness and organizational sciences, was awarded the second place prize for his company Berg Bites, which produces a healthy snack marketed toward gym-goers with a sweet tooth.

Mr. Berg and his team were awarded $25,000, including the $10,000 second place prize, $10,000 for the best undergraduate proposal and an additional $5,000 for making it to the finals. Mr. Berg said receiving the awards was a surreal experience.

“As I was rolling these bites in my house, in my apartment this year, I could never have imagined we would have gotten this far so fast,” he said. “I never really could even imagine anything happening like this, I’m very grateful especially to GW for having such an awesome event like this.”

As a health conscious middle schooler, Mr. Berg decided one day his family needed to get rid of all the candy and sweets in their New York home. They came up with energy bites made from oats and coined them Berg Bites. Today Mr. Berg has launched three different flavors and is planning another this summer, along with a week-long pop-up shop in New York City.

“This is something I always told my mom I was going to do since I was in high school,” he said. “I’m so happy that people are enjoying it the same way I enjoy it.”- GW Today

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