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BIGVISION & Berg Bites, Partners for a Healthy Life

BIGVISION is a grateful friend and partner to Berg Bites!
We are a non-profit that works with young adults recovering from substance-use disorder. All events are free and range from adrenaline-pumping go-kart racing, high-intensity fitness to relaxing meditation, jewelry making and cooking.
Having positive social connections as you come out of rehabilitation from alcohol or drug abuse is proven to be a crucial factor in an individual’s capacity to maintain sobriety and a healthier life, so that’s what we provide!
BIGVISION and Berg Bites have a special bond because BIGVISION’s founder, Eve Goldberg, is Daniel Berg’s aunt. Our community was founded to memorialize the vibrant life of Isaac Volkmar, Dan’s close cousin and Eve’s son. He passed away of an accidental opioid overdose in 2013.
We had a quick chat with Dan about his connection with Isaac.
What was your relationship like with Isaac?
Isaac was my best friend growing up. On all of our family vacations we would do everything together – from playing basketball to ping pong, to going in the lazy river. I have too many memories with Isaac, but playing basketball together was always so much fun. I loved the way he moved and battled on the court.
You saw Isaac struggle from the outside, what do you think were the hardest parts of staying sober for him? What was it like to see him work through sobriety?
I honestly can’t say too much about the sobriety part, because I just always tried to have fun with him. I think he did a very good job of hiding it from me because he did not want to be a bad influence on me.
You’re a young person in college. Other than Isaac, have you seen how addiction and substance-use affects young people? If so, how so?
I have seen some people with similar issues, but in my friend group in college, I see that substance-use is getting better over the years. I have seen less and less drug use from the people around me thankfully. BIGVISION is only helping educate the youth on drug addiction which is really great, especially given the current opiate epidemic.

What would have been Isaac’s favorite flavor of Berg Bite?
Isaac would have feasted on all of the bites, I actually learned from Isaac to try anything and everything food-wise. I remember on our Passover trips he would always make me try random foods. He certainly helped open up my palate which I thank him for! Isaac was the man and I always miss him and love to see his name live on through BIGVISION.

Berg Bites was generously one of the sponsors of our first ever fundraiser this past June. BIGVISION looks forward to continued partnership opportunities with Berg Bites, and of course, the opportunity to try each and every tasty flavor!.

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